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July 31, 2010

Facebook: Reunion Friend or Foe?

‘Tis the season of high school reunions and much has been written about Facebook and its impact on these anxiety-ridden soirees. If I was in the reunion planning business, I would be worried, but as a reunion participant, I love the Facebook factor.

This weekend is my 20th. (Yikes!) I had the luxury of growing up in the same community my entire life, so, for me, reunions reach back not only to high school, but elementary school as well. I attended my 10th reunion with some reluctance, but had a good time and it laid the groundwork of excitement for this 20-year shindig.

There are a few people I would have loved to see that aren’t coming out for this weekend’s festivities and more than one has demured to the capability of Facebook to keep us in touch, as if that’s a reasonable substitute for the face-to-face. But, of course, it’s just not the same. An article in Time summed it up nicely: ” . . . the idea that social-networking sites might kill reunions is a faulty one, because that would essentially mean killing nostalgia itself.” Indeed.

You can’t recreate the Charlie’s Angels pose through Facebook messages. You can’t get together over mochas and indulge in the guilty pleasure of a cigarette or two at your favorite coffee shop in La Jolla. And you most certainly cannot share a Roberto’s carne asada burrito at 2 a.m. over Facebook, not even with a fancy iPhone app.

You can, however, wake up the next day and laugh hysterically to see how very many of your classmates were eating Mexican in the wee hours of the morning at taco shops through out San Diego.

Thank you, Facebook.